Can Manchester United’s run of good form power them to the Champions League trophy?

What a season it has been for Manchester United fans! Poor form and discontent within the dressing room saw José Mourinho leave and Ole Gunnar Solskjær come in. While many United fans would have been happy to see such a prominent player from their recent past in the dugout, many would not have dreamt how well it would go with him in charge.

To say that he has transformed the club’s fortunes and led to them making an unlikely march towards the top four is an understatement. With 14 wins from his 18 games in charge to date, he has not only got United picking up points again, but they are also playing in the entertaining, attacking way that the club demands. Although the recent loss against Arsenal was a black mark, the stunning turnaround that he has delivered has been immense.

Magical Champions League turnaround

It is not just the Premier League in which the newly dominant United have done well under Solskjær. Despite a loss in the first leg of the last 16 to Paris Saint-Germain at Old Trafford, the second leg saw them win 3-1 in Paris and go through on away goals. This has led many to hope that their overall form in the league will see them win their first Champions League trophy since 2008.

Just how likely is this though?

Well, a good indicator is always to look at online bookmakers to see what they think in terms of odds. Most sportsbook operators have them at around 8/1 at the moment, which goes to show that they are not complete outsiders. Indeed, there is really only Barcelona, Manchester City and Atlético Madrid ahead of them in the betting. It could be worth keeping an eye on this as the competition progresses to see if the odds get any longer or shorter. Regardless of where you live, you can check out the NJ online sportsbooks free bets to do this.

Could superb form be enough for United?

Their superb run of form since Solskjær has taken over has given United a great chance in the Champions League later stages. Here’s how it could help the manager and players taste success overall:

  • Team full of confidence it is often said that player confidence is key to football. Of course, winning breeds confidence, and United have been doing plenty of this lately in the Premier League and Champions League. This will mean that the squad at Old Trafford will be ready to play anyone and really feel that they can win the overall competition. It is also worth noting that the players seem much happier under Solskjær. This will help to build a stronger spirit and give players the desire to play and do well.
  • Mental effect of comeback the initial first leg against PSG gave Solskjær’s United their first real setback. Many wondered how they would cope and if they could really beat the top teams that awaited them in the Champions League. The stunning comeback in the second leg not only answered these questions but will also have given the whole team a real belief that they can beat the best.
  • Talented team of players when you look at the players that United have, it is obvious that they have the talent to continue the form they are on. They also have the players to overcome the tougher tests that they will face later in the Champions League and produce the magic needed to win it. From Paul Pogba to Jesse Lingard, Anthony Martial, Romelu Lukaku and Marcus Rashford, there is no shortage of talent at Old Trafford.
  • Form could allow them to prosper it is clear that there are some decent teams left in the Champions League, but the good form that United have been on will mean that they will fear no one. When you look at who they could play, in particular, you could see them making the most of what could be a comparatively easy year in the Champions League. With teams such as PSG, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund out, the run that United are on could see them blast past those who are left in it.

The future looks bright for Solskjær’s United

For any team, being in good form at the right stage of the season is key. This allows them to produce their best when it matters and beat the top teams to win silverware. With the form that Manchester United are in right now, it looks very promising for them if they carry on. Although they will have to contend with the impact of injuries to key players along with facing any true heavyweights left in, they certainly have the confidence at present to pull it off.