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Entering the semifinal round, this season’s UEFA Champions League campaign is close to its climax with four teams gunning for that prestigious trophy.

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Switching back into the Champions League, the semifinal match ups between Bayern Munich against Real Madrid along with Liverpool versus Roma certainly bring that intriguing situation for the potential final.

The Reds might be considered as slightly favorite to advance into that final stage, but as it was stated by their boss, Jurgen Klopp,  it won’t be an easy task at all.

As it was quoted via BBC, Klopp said that Roma will be a difficult opponent to face, especially judging by their second leg performance against Barcelona, which saw the Italian side overcome a 4-1 deficit against the Spanish giant.

That’s why that tie will just be as exciting as Madrid’s battle against Bayern, which on paper is believes as the bigger clash due to both teams’ stature and star power.

Nevertheless, Liverpool did managed to eliminate Manchester City, which was previously considered by many bookies as the main favorite to go all the way and win this season’s Champions League.

Meanwhile, as for the big guns clash between Los Blancos against The Bavarians,  it will certainly by another potentially tense tie with Bayern seeking for revenge.

In their latest Champions League battle, the Bundesliga giant were eliminated by Madrid in two legged tied filed with some controversies.

That’s why Jupp Heynkess’ men will be determined to turn things on their favor this time around, though it won’t be an easy task knowing that Madrid have shown strong consistency in the tournament.

Moreover, Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal scoring prowess in the competition is certainly something that must be taken into consideration as the Portuguese international can’t seem to stop bagging up goals in UCL.

Currently, the odds suddenly shifted towards Madrid as their two time defending champions status certainly bring something extra for the bookies to eventually placing them as favorite in this late stage.

Aside from Madrid, Liverpool apparently also being tipped as favorite with similar odds to the Spaniard, which is 2/1, due to both teams drawing results.

Meanwhile, Bayern sitting third in that drawing rank with 12/5 odds, while Roma ranked last as they’re given the probabilities of 15/2.