Beating the drop

It’s come to light that the punters favourite for the drop, from the premiership, this year just happens to be Arsenal. ARSENAL!

How things have changed, but with the whiff of unpredictability still in the air, since Leicester did what they did, is it really so strange?

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The Teams

Here’s a short list of football managers, with their teams, who have just survived the drop by the skin of their teeth.

Over the last 20 years the team that has predominantly beaten the others, when it comes to successfully just surviving the drop, is Sunderland. Sunderland have managed it 3 times, followed by a host of others managing it twice. Southampton, Aston Villa and West Bromwich are others who have managed to survive, by just a point or two.

Since the inception of the premier league, Sunderland have been great at just keeping themselves up. For 3 seasons, they’ve managed to stay in the top-flight by just a point. Though, their luck ran out last season, they are now battling it out in the Championship.

Managers whom are survival specialists

There are only a handful of managers labelled as survival specialists. But how endearing is it, to be labelled a survivor?

Well, it’s undeniable to say it doesn’t all come down to money. Just look at Man Cities rise, along with Chelsea’s over the last decade or so. Money talks, and in football it gets results.

So, the lesser economically equipped teams, are going to battle. They can either accept the fight or hope to emulate Leicester City and hit it off without stopping for the entire season.

Big Sam

Worked with teams that often punched above their weight with sensational success. And that includes his short stint as the England boss.

A memorable moment in Big Sam’s career would’ve been when he took the reins at Sunderland, as they slumbered in 19th place in the Premier League. His powerful footballing nature didn’t take long to instil into his players, his second game in charge saw his Sunderland trounce arch rivals Newcastle 3 nil. The rest of the season was troubled at times but his die-hard attitude landed Sunderland out of the relegation pit.

It was after this season that England offered him the position of manager, which he gracefully accepted.

David Moyes

Tasked with saving Sunderland, Moyesie encountered problem after issue. With players on and off the pitch resulting in Sunderland hovering above the drop by Xmas, of the 2016 season.

What he did for Everton propelled Moyes into the highest of footballing echelons, under the microscope everyone knows the story from there. He was fired from Real Sociedad after a poor start.

Having nose-dived with Sunderland after replacing Big Sam he resigned from Sunderland and now partakes in occasional media work.

Moyes was not much of relegation survival specialist but more of a survivor, bar his work at Everton. Hence, we feel he’s worthy of a mention here.

Rafa Benitez

Don’t think he saved them but he brought Newcastle back from the Championship within one season.

A seasoned manager with a vast wealth of continental knowledge combined with numerous years at all. These could be described as his most successful years; the European Cup final was monumental.

His staunch and stubborn approach brings him into this bracket and the work he’s done at Newcastle has surely given him his stripes. Will he stay or will he be pushed, it could be his decision unlike other Newcastle managers before him who have suffered the owner’s wrath, on several occasions.

Alan Shearer

To save Newcastle, but by no means a full-time football manager of sorts at all, stats don’t lie after all.

A local hero, it was like a tale of pure fantasy to think he would come back and save this noble club. The Geordie’s bought in to it and Alan was ecstatic, visibly chomping at the bit to fulfil his childhood dream.
It was the Spring of 2009 and there were just a handful of games in which Alan could’ve changed things around. Unfortunately, and predictably, it didn’t happen. Marred but far from scarred by the 5 losses, 2 draws and one fateful victory, Newcastle were steered through the relegation process by their local hero.

Tony Pulis

Kept West Bromwich above water during the 2015/16 season, with not much stress. He was also praised for the work he did at Stoke, with minimal budget. The same goes for his present role, he’s asked for investment but looks like he’ll have to manage with what he’s got.

His tactics have got them off to a respectable start already, can he keep the momentum going until next May? Either way he’ll put up a fight, using his nonce and art of tact we confident he’ll keep West Bromwich up.

The above is our biased opinion, what are your thoughts?