Bale set to bail-out?

There are reports that Gareth Bale, Welsh wizard footballer, currently with Spain’s Real Madrid, may be about to jump ship. According to the soccer pundits at Sportingbet, Manchester United are said to be in the running for offering close to the £86 million that Bale was sold for by Tottenham Hotspur back in 2013.

Bale has become injury prone

From Real Madrid’s Zinedine Zidane’s point of view, the Welshman is just too injury prone. With the injury record to date that Bale has endured, he is not expected to be able to contribute to Real’s next season for more than about 33% of the rest of this season.

In his first full season (2013/14) for the Santiago Bernabeu club, Bale put in 44 appearances. The next season (2014/15) was even better, with Bales gracing the pitch on 48 occasions. Unfortunately, since then, his appearance record has deteriorated. In 2015/16 he only managed 31 appearances; in 2016/17 it dropped further still to 27 games, and so far in 2017/18, he has appeared a mere 10 times.

Bales absence contribute to Wales exit from the World Cup qualifiers

Bale’s latest injury to his left calf meant that he had to sit out Wales’ last two World Cup qualifiers one against Georgia, the other against the Republic of Northern Ireland, resulting in Wales being turfed-out of qualifying.

The end-result is that Real Madrid are now thought to be considering letting Bale go. The problem is, of course, their investment. When they bought him back in 2013 for £86 million, it was at that time a new record transfer fee. With him now approaching the end of his career, the attraction of the 28-year-old, who is now also considered to be injury prone, is drastically reduced.

Real Madrid could ask £89 million for Gareth Bale

However, as mentioned earlier, Sportingbet believe that Manchester United have been approached and that they have been told they can have Bale for £89 million, a figure well within United’s deep pockets. So is it possible that a move back to the English Premier League could be on the cards?

The move, if indeed it does happen, may not sit well with Gareth who is reported to be quite content to stay with Real Madrid. The problem is that the decision could very well be out of his control. It’s not just the long string of injuries that is against him. Messrs Zidane and Perez are also said to be in happy about Bales continued keen interest in playing golf in his leisure time. Apparently, this contributes to another of his injury problems – his back.

Bale delights and disappoints

Although Bale has only made ten appearances this season, he has racked up three goals, one of which, a spectacular volley in the cup game against Borussia Dortmund. However, typical of his recent bad luck with injuries, he limped off the pitch immediately afterwards, much to the supporters’ chagrin. 

Real Madrid march on in the Champions League thanks in part to the goal that Gareth Bale contributed and they are now favourites for winning the completion.

Jose Mourinho is a big fan of Gareth Bale

Manchester United were supposedly interested in acquiring Gareth Bale last summer; however, Bales decided then that he preferred to stay in Spain. Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s manager, is known to be a big fan of the Welshman and it has been an ambition of his to bring Bale into the fold since he became manager.

If the price is right

However, it will be a tough decision for Mourinho to make if Bale does become available as he likes to work his players hard and expects them to play regularly; something that Bale’s injury record doesn’t uphold. But, if the price is right – who knows?