Are Football Betting Tips A Scam?

Are all websites that provide betting tips on football a scam? Not all football betting tip websites are a scam. For example, there are free football tips websites where a complex computer algorithm is used to predict the outcome of matches. You are not paying for the predictions on these free websites so there is definitely no scam involved.

If you pay for your football betting tips then this does not necessarily mean that there is a scam going on either. Some professional football tipsters have a very good “strike rate” and their tips can be very profitable for the people that use them. 

Unfortunately, there are scams around football betting tips. We will explain what you need to look out for if you are considering signing up for a football betting tips service. Of course, this applies to services that you will have to pay for usually as a monthly subscription.

If the Football Tips are provided Free then it is not a Scam

The first thing to take into account is whether there is a charge for the football betting tips. If they are provided for free then it is not going to be a scam. There are a growing number of football betting tips websites that offer predictions for matches and other aspects such as the number of goals scored, Asian handicaps and more for free.

They use complex computer algorithms to make the predictions for each match. Historical data is used and other mathematical formulas to determine how a match will turn out. Some of these free football betting tip websites are better than others because they have a higher strike rate.

Be Wary of Very High Strike Rates

If a football betting tips service claim that their strike rate (the number of winning predictions) is very high then we recommend that you are cautious about this. It is not easy to predict the outcome of any football match because anything can happen in the 90 minutes of play. Even the biggest and strongest teams do not beat the smaller teams sometimes.

Some unscrupulous football tipsters will tell you that they have the “inside track” on match fixing. They can guarantee that all of their predictions will win because they are on to a sure thing. Run a mile from these kinds of claims.

If a tipster really had the inside track on fixed matches, why would they share this information with anyone else? Firstly, match fixing is illegal and they would be implicating themselves by providing betting tips. Secondly, the more people that bet on these predictions, the more the odds will shorten. It just doesn’t make sense.

Don’t pay High Prices for Football Betting Tips

Legitimate football betting tip services will charge a monthly fee. If you see a football tipster asking for hundreds or even thousands upfront for their tips then do not fall for this as it is likely to be a scam. 

These people will usually provide different tips to different customers and then just run away with the money. Also be wary of screenshots on websites showing large wins from football tips. It is easy to use a program like Photoshop to manipulate these images. 

If a football tipster has a video of them logging into their betting accounts revealing profits, then this is more trustworthy. Look for reviews of the tipping service on forums as well. Don’t trust reviews that you see on websites as these can be fake.