Times are changing, compared to just 10 years ago, soccer shoes have taken on a completely different appearance. There was a time when it was considered flashy, even arrogant to step onto the field in boots that deviated from black with a little white. Players daring to wear red boots were often targeted by the opposition. Nowadays, fat old defenders don’t know who to kick because almost every player on the team is wearing something a bit more colorful!

But there’s more to the Adidas F50 Adizero’s than the color design. For one, these shoes are only 5.8 ounces, the lightest shoe Adidas has ever manufactured and lighter than anything Nike currently has to offer. To gain an appreciation for the weight, you truly have to have them on your feet. At 5.8 or 165g there’s absolutely no area of the shoe that Adidas didn’t think about when cutting unnecessary weight.

The first impression I had when sliding my foot into the shoe was that felt a little rigid and stiff. Once both feet were in, I could feel the configuration of the traxion studs on the sole of the shoes. Walking around they still felt a little stiff but after a few minutes this sensation disappeared and I really gained an appreciation for how lightweight these shoes were.

Because the revolutionary sprintskin® upper fits so close to the foot, the feel for the ball is second to none. The synthetic material feels like it’s wrapped around the foot in every direction. Although the material is super strong and durable, there’s a little less protection when it comes to getting a cleat in the foot. But remember, you can’t kick what you can’t catch! The suprisingly strong heel cup and traction pattern combine to offer an impressive level of support and balance.

With a price tag under $200, these shoes offer exceptional value compared to other lightweight shoes on the market. Plus these shoes come with a choice of insoles: The lightweight insole (which you will find already inside the shoe) has hundreds of tiny perforations to reduce weight. The comfort insoles aren’t exactly heavy and give you a little more cushioning which you’ll appreciate on harder pitches.

Rememeber the AdiZero range is a completely new line of Adidas soccer shoes so it’s definitely worth giving them a try, even if you have a loyalty to another brand. So the radiant pink might not match the rest of your kit but with so many colors to choose from these days, this pink design remains one of the few options for players looking for some unique recognition!

Written by Olly: He bought his Adidas F50 AdiZero’s from the online soccer store SoccerPro.com – the authority for soccer gear and training.

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