PSV star winger Balazs Dzsudzsak revealed he is very keen on making a huge transfer in the near future, this would probably mean a move into one of the top-flight Premier League clubs. So far Everton emerged as a possible solution.

Everton’s name has come up in the press, justified by the fact their left winger, the same position Dzsundzsak occupies, Steven Pienaar, who was bought by the Spurs this January, so the Toffees are currently looking for a proper solution.

The 24-year-old stated for “I think the Premier League is one of the best, or maybe the best, football leagues in the world so it would be a great thing to play there.

“But it would be too early to think about this possibility.

“I want to sign to a bigger club than PSV. I haven’t made it a secret that this is my intention.

“But my coach, Fred Rutten said honestly that I’m still not ready for the change.”

Hungarian international is still under contract at PSV, but they would probably agree to letting him leave if the right offer arrives any time soon.  Braded Erdevise’s best on multiple occasions, PSV’s top scorer in 2009/10 netted 51 goals for the team in all competitions during the three-and-a-half seasons he’s been playing for the Dutch side.

The player can pass and score a lot of goals, while his pace is absolutely incredible.

Here’s a video displaying all the advanced features he possess, the player who’s  probably entering  the footballing history very soon. Read the name carefully and try to remember it, you’re going to need it in the future.

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