Wenger Confirmed to Depart Arsenal at the End of Season

Having been attacked with many criticism in recent years, including this season, Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger, finally made a massive statement announcing his departure from the club at the end of this current season.

Despite signing a two year deal last summer, Wenger apparently opted not to fulfill that agreement and believe that it’s simply time for leaving the club he has been with for 21 and a half of years.

Speaking in an official statement to the media, the Frenchman certainly shocked many as the timing was not expected by many, especially since throughout this season, he hasn’t shown any indication of ending his recent deal earlier than expected.

Nevertheless, Wenger explained that after long consideration and discussion with people at Arsenal, he is more than convince about his decision to finally depart Emirates stadium after such long work at the club.

The veteran manager thanked everyone including Gunners fans for all of the support up till now and hoping that they continue to help their favorite team.

There’s still no announcement regarding potential replacement, but Arsenal reportedly will be making their decision very soon and most likely won’t be waiting too long to pick their new man.

Although it’s been such whirlwind ride in recent years, but certainly Wenger’s long reign at Gunners have provide many excitement not just for the club’s fans but also Premier League in general.