Premier League Football Dominates the News

English football has a massive worldwide following. While Arsenal trumps the competition other teams like Liverpool are playing their way into contention. 

The crème de la crème of Premier League Football! 

The Barclays Premier League is one of the most respected football leagues in the world. Competing teams include the likes of Norwich City, Newcastle, Manchester United, Cardiff City, Crystal Palace, Hull City, Swansea City, Fulham, Southampton, Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton to name a few. These teams regularly go head-to-head for championship glory and the world’s most popular soccer stars are all signed up with these clubs.

Interestingly enough, the passion that English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish fans have for these matches has set the cat among the pigeons. For one thing, Premier League detectives have been visiting pubs across Wales and England where Premier League Football matches are being showcased illegally.

According to the terms and conditions of the official broadcasters of the Premier League, only officially sanctioned networks can screen these fixtures. But Welsh and English pubs are facing mounting scrutiny as investigators have found some 100 violations of screening football matches.

The Premier League has made a point of prosecuting pubs that use foreign channels to showcase Premier League matches on their premises. The officially-sanctioned PL broadcasters include BT Sport and Sky Sports. To date, some 100 violations have been recorded and charges are being lined up, left, right and centre.

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