Historic Football Encounter Occurred Between Sheffield FC and Rebel FC

Historic Football Encounter Occurred Between Sheffield FC and Rebel FC

Football often provides us with exciting stories, such as what happened recently when the oldest team ever, Sheffield FC played against the newest club, Rebel FC, which is also connected with former Manchester United and Three Lions star, Rio Ferdinand.

It was certainly a friendly encounter but seeming triggered many interest, notably since the visitor is a team consisting of youtube stars in England most certainly which happened to love the sport.

Meanwhile, the home side themselves are a low level English team, which might be considered as pro team at the time being as they don’t really have that high level of players as well.

Nevertheless, the somewhat historic game was highlighted by the Rebel side quite well as the 17 minutes long clip along with fine narration somewhat captured many interesting stuff from that match.

The result itself was a 2-2 draw, in which Sheffield got themselves a one goal lead until half time break before their opponent got two in a row in the second half, triggering short euphoria which slightly tamed when the host finally equalize.

That tie certainly bring a certain historic feel, notably for Sheffield FC as their chairman, Richard Tims stating how delighted he is with the opportunity of playing a side consisting on online creative people.

Moreover, Tims also believes having the match highlight released online also brings out many positives for the historic English side as they can show the world about themselves and potentially earning a new fan base.