Aside being one of the most exciting sports game to watch, football also offers many other interesting stuff for its fans and sticker collection can be considered as one of them.

Mostly getting its popularity height during World Cup events, this days sticker collection can be done anytime with any league competition, turning it into a new entertainment for some, especially Gianni Bellini.


The Italian doesn’t just collect stickers of famous stars such as Lionel Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo or players in top leagues, but also doing it for less known competition such as Finnish Veikkausliiga.

Bellini doesn’t just see his collecting habit as a mere hobby, but it simply becomes his way of life as he consider stickers itself as more than just about football, but also culture.

One of his classic collection, which is the World Cup 1970 Panini album, turned from a 10 Euro into 7000 to 9000 pounds nowadays, proving how stickers can be such huge assets.

Despite already doing his collecting for a while, Gianni still not planning to quite his adventure, though he is ready to pass on that unique mission to his grandson.

Gianni’s story will feature in The History of Football global TV event, airing on History (excluding USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), from May 28th10th June 2018

Those who are interested in checking out this interesting and fun story of the popular sticker collector can wait for the TV event and witness that remarkable story.

It will be interesting to see how active will Gianni be on the upcoming World Cup, since his nation, Italy won’t be participating.

Nevertheless, looking at his strong passion, it’s almost certain that he will continue his sticker collecting until it’s almost impossible for him to do it.