Chelsea and Arsenal Goalless in League Cup Semifinal Clash

The big match clash in Carabao Cup Semifinal first leg battle between Chelsea against Arsenal didn’t end as exciting as one might expected with both teams failing to show up their qualities for 90 minutes.

Playing in a two legged format, both teams seemingly not able to put out their all during that first match up as if they now there’s still another tie that can decide their faith.

Several rotational options used by Antonio Conte and Arsene Wenger might have some effect on their lack of aggressive displays, but certainly shouldn’t be an excuse over somewhat dull attacking plays throughout the match.

Having tight league schedule can be considered as another reasoning on why players from Gunners and The Blues seemingly not going all out on that first leg tie.

Not much advantages were acquired by both teams with a goalless draw as there’s still plenty left to play in the second leg when they match up at Emirates.

It’s never easy for big teams to get maximum results in this competition anyway as even Manchester City only picked a dramatic 2-1 victory on the other first leg semi at Etihad stadium.

The Carabao League Cup has never been considered as main trophy objectives for Premier League top sides, but certainly they won’t just throw it away when the cup is just one foot ahead.