Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho has no doubts Manchester United are weaker without Cristiano Ronaldo.
United fell short in the Premiership and Champions League this season after selling Ronaldo last summer to Real Madrid.
Mourinho said: “Man United lost Ronaldo. Okay, the coach is a tremendous coach, the team is full of great players, but Ronaldo is Ronaldo, and scores 30 goals a season. Ronaldo wins points and points and points. When a club and the league loses a player like Ronaldo it loses a lot. Liverpool is an incredible phenomenon. From 2004 to 2010 it looks like the team instead of improving, is getting worse. Tottenham is coming, Aston Villa is coming, Man City is coming, but I think that magic of a fight of titans, all of them very, very strong in the top of the league, I don’t see this season was like this. Chelsea were out of Champions League very, very soon. They could concentrate on the championship — and they did it very, very well. Carlo is very experienced, he kept the team cool and calm and focused. They concentrate very, very well in the championship, and they deserve to win it in the end.”

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