Barcelona vs Real Valladolid highlights (2-1)

Barcelona 2 vs 1 Real Valladolid highlights 20.5

Barcelona Vs Real Valladolid Highlights:Barcelona collected all 3 points from Valladolid which helps them keep the hopes alive on obtaining 100 points at the end of the season with 2 more matches remaining.

A tight 2-1 scoreboard is just enough for the team of Vilanova to maintain their positive season rolling despite not having Lionel Messi available due to injury.

Rain falling down did not stop the game from being played nor did not stop the fans from going to the stadium. Pedro had the opportunity to sneak up a goal against Valladolid but it was dealt well by the goalkeeper Jaime.

Although the goalkeeper could do little to stop him at the 21st minute when Xavi Hernandez slipped to Pedro a delightful pass and the young forward finished it up by tucking the ball in between the legs of Jaime until entering his net.

A own goal from Marc Valiente maintained things rolling on for Barcelona as they were ahead by 2 goals without much trouble.

Valladolid could never really settle into the game as they looked rather uncomfortable in a large number of instances, they did however score a consolation goal through Victor Perez but it was nothing more than that, a consolation goal as Barcelona still came out as the winning side.

Barcelona vs Real Valladolid . Score: 2-1.

Barcelona v Real Valladolid goals:

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