Atalanta vs Napoli highlights (1-0)

Atalanta 1 vs 0 Napoli highlights 1.11

Atalanta Vs Napoli: Napoli suffered a huge and shocking blow when playing against Atalanta and losing 1-0. Up until this point of the Italian League, Napoli was keeping up with the table toppers Juventus with positive results week in and week out but this defeat gives Juventus a space to breath and get ahead for 4 points.

Carlos Carmona scored the only goal at the 19th minute when German Denis slipped the ball over to Carmona who placed it into the bottom side of the net. Napoli had a number of chances to level the playing field but the home side just maintained to their minimum lead until the very end and snatched all 3 points.

Atalanta position themselves tied in 10th place with Catania as they both share 12 points while Napoli have to settle in 3rd place with 22 points right behind Inter Milan who have 24 points.

Atalanta vs Napoli . Score: 1-0.

Atalanta v Napoli goals:

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