Luckiest Football Bets to Actually Come In

Luckiest Football Bets to Actually Come In

Sports betting is a great way to enjoy the actin of a game while having the chance to win, and with some great odds, it is possible to make huge returns on certain bets. There have been some amazing results over the year, including the amazing win by Leicester City in 2016. This small football team from England was far from being a favourite. For the first time in 132 years, the team had won a league title. Despite this, the team was still seen as a failure, but some punters took a chance and placed bets that would result in some of the luckiest wins in sports betting history.

In addition to the bets that were placed on Leicester City, many other football bets became lucky as punters collected some stunning payouts. A sports enthusiast turned a £1 bet into a return of £223,000 by cashing out early on a wager that four minutes later, would have resulted in a loss. The bet was a 21-leg accumulator that would have yielded a £1.2 million return with the right results. However, his bet was wrong, making the early cash out the smartest option and earning this guy the title of luckiest punter. The bet was placed at Betfair and the timely cash out allowed him to grab the £223k win instead of walking away with nothing at all.

The Leicester City Betting Thrills Continue

As mentioned. Leicester City was the lowest ranked football team in England, but after some success late last year, the team is heading in a positive direction. Last August was an amazing time for football fans who stuck a stray bet on Leicester only to capture some great rewards when the team amazed everyone with a win. Leicester City made the bookies pay and since the team was the underdog, the odds were pretty great, allowing a number of punters to collect some amazing payouts from small bets.

In fact, Leicester City bets can offer odds as high as 5000:1, which was experienced by one punter that placed a £5 bet on the team. The punter was offered a cash out of £3000, but he felt Leicester had a chance, so he held the ticket. As weeks passed, the cash out increased to £10,500 and then Leicester suffered a loss, setting that back to £7500. However, another win boosted that to £14,500! The punter was on the fence about a cashout, so he contacted the bookie and made a deal, reducing the bet to £3 and offering £5680 for a payout.

Win Online with Casino Action

While not every gambler will be interested in betting sports like the Leicester City lucky winners, but there are other ways to take risks and still walk away with winnings. With some great online casinos operating, there are many classic casino games that can offer the chance to bet and win real money. In addition to playing the games, players can also benefit from unique promotional deals at many casinos, such as the ability to win money back on every bet when wagering at PlayOJO Casino.

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