Is it worth betting on anyone other than Manchester City for the EPL?

Let’s face it Manchester City looks like it has the English Premier League all bottled up and tied in a big red bow for the win. At the present time, and being 14 points ahead of the next team, it looks like it’s a done deal. Though there is still a chance that they can lose it, if the players start to give up or get overconfident, terrible things can happen. Just ask Manchester United in 2012 when they were 8 points ahead and Manchester City took them out for the win. Nobody could have expected that. Manchester City have yet to lose a game, and it will be interesting to see how they play on when they do. Vincent Kompany has been very good in reminding everyone on the team when they start assuming it’s a cake walk, about that United loss. He has the right idea and wants to keep them pushing hard and not getting complacent.


Manchester City needs to remember that they need to keep winning and stay hungry. They had a 1-1 draw with Leicester City on the 19th of December, and a 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace on the 31st of December, so it shows the other teams are not giving up and making a hard push. City needs to keep pushing and increase the goals they are getting. Even the best football betting tips in the UK will tell you this should be a record-breaking year, and if they push hard enough, they will have quite a few different records to stick on their wall.

Increase the point lead

There will come a point, we hope, when they will have such a lead that it will be almost impossible for them to lose, even if a few players have a nap on the field. We shouldn’t be counting on that though, let’s count on making a historical record of how far they are ahead on points. Give all the future championships a chance to see what they have to achieve, and to always remember that Manchester City made the record they have to beat. Fans should be talking about this championship win and how far ahead they were for years to come, and not talking about how close they were and failed instead.


The main worry for losing points might be injuries, this is something we can never anticipate and can devastate a team. Even Pep Guardiola is amazed at the progress they have made, but is also fast to warn that injuries can take the smile on their face. He says they will lose points and it will be important to see how they react when that happens. Personally, we hope they don’t, we would love to see a no loss world record for Manchester City.

Will Manchester City win? Yes, we believe so, unless they start arriving at the pitch drunk, we believe they have the momentum to make it easily. Having said that, if they try and coast, there could be a huge upset and another team can take the championship, and earn some lucky better a fortune. The second favorite is Chelsea and they are at 80-1, the 4 teams after them are over 100-1 odds, and every team after that is 5000-1 odds. So the writing is pretty much on the wall as to who will win, but if you have a hometown favorite, you might as well put a few on it, as you never know, it might be a nice payday, but I wouldn’t be putting any rent money on it. Keep your eye on Manchester City.