France and Argentina Battling for World Cup Quarter Finals Spot

Already concluding the group stage, this year’s World Cup 2018 set to get more exciting as it enters the last 16 round with plenty mouth watering tie such as France meeting with Argentina.

The upcoming big match scheduled for Saturday, June 30 won’t only set to excite the normal fans but also betting enthusiasts all over the world, who are keen on placing their cash for that game.

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Swinging back into the France versus Argentina tie, both teams haven’t been looking at their best so far in the tournament, though Les Blues have been getting much better results compared to their counterpart.

Nevertheless, Didier Deschamps’ side certainly keen on showcasing their real potential and doing it against a side such as Albiceleste would certainly be something that the tactician will cherish.

In terms of talent, Les Blues certainly not inferior to their South American opponent, one could even say the current French side probably have more talented players than Argentina.

However, so far there’s seems to be an issue of connecting those talents and setting up the right system or combination that can really make the tick.

That’s the current problem that Deschamps must immediately solve, since they will already start their battle against Argentina next Saturday, so there isn’t much tinkering time for the former Juventus boss.

Despite their stuttering path into the knock out stage, Les Blues must not underestimate Jorge Sampaoli’s men, especially since Albiceleste does have exciting talent up front such as Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero or Gonzalo Higuain.

France defense might be on for a stern test, but if their midfield and attack can really click, Deschamps’ men might be on for a fun time.

As for Argentina, their joy of advancing into the group stage after a dramatic win against Nigeria might not mean much should they immediately fell in the hands of Antoine Griezmann and co.

However, their success in coming back into the competition after disappointing first two games, seemingly brings out that extra beliefs that they might go all the way now, since all their troubling time are all behind them.

Still, Sampaoli must be able to get his players back on the same page or else, their talents will just come to waste once again, just like how they were struggling during the group stage.

Checking out on the latest odds, Les Blues apparently are being tipped as favorite in which their odds to win in 90 minutes is being placed at 2.45.

Argentina’s shot at ending the tie in regular time itself is valued at 3.50, which is slightly lower than a potential draw result at 3.00, which potentially get the tie into extra time.