Celtic Expecting Positive UCL Qualifier Start at Linfield

Celtic Expecting Positive UCL Qualifier Start at Linfield

After about a month of break, football season starting to emerge again in Europe with UEFA Champions League qualifier already reaching its second leg and on July 14, an intriguing game between Linfield FC against Celtic set to attract viewers.

That battle between the Northern Ireland side against Scottish giant can be considered as one of the most interesting matches from the early round that aside from attracting regular fans, it can also triggered affection from betting lovers.

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Getting back into the upcoming battle, despite being a semi-professional side, Linfield will certainly try to give their all on their battle against Celtic, especially in the first leg as David Healy’s men will be hosting their opponent.

Arriving in the second round after a rather difficult tie against La Fiorita, Blues are expecting a much tougher task as they’re battling a much more experienced side and certainly a full professional football outfit.

Nevertheless, strong home court support might provide some aid for the Northern Ireland representative as they try to pull off a surprise result from that first leg.

Even a draw should be considered a positive outcome for the home team considering their different footballing status compared to Celtic, which have a pretty rich history in the Champions League.

Meanwhile, for Celtic themselves, getting a victory should certainly be their target despite playing away in that first leg battle.

Acknowledging the level of their opponent, Brendan Rodgers’ side should be able to showcase their quality as one of the favorites in this early stages of UCL qualifier round.

The possible fans absent due to security reason should not be an excuse for Rodgers’ side to not perform as on paper they do have better players, not only in terms of talent but also experience.

However, Celtic players still shouldn’t underestimate their opponent since in the past they did experience embarrassing result against teams with similar stature as their upcoming opponent.

According to bookies, the Scottish champion are strongly favored to overcome their opponent in that first leg with the odds placed at 1.142.

Linfield’s shot at shocking their opponent is only valued at 13.00, which is even smaller compared to a potential draw result set at 7.50.