Arsenal needs to start winning again

Last season Arsenal really struggled away from home and ever since Arsenal’s 22-game unbeaten run was ended by Southampton, the Gunners have struggled away from home. In the last six away games, Arsenal have not won a single match and largely the reason why they are occupying the sixth position on the Premier league table at the moment.

That however needs to change and as soon as possible if they want to sneak into the top four which in itself is looking unlikely. With Arsenal playing Hudderfield this weekend, it will be a perfect occasion to win away from home. Hudderfield, no disrespect to their fans, is by far the worst team in the Premier league and Arsenal should be beating them regardless of the injury situation.

Arsenal are odds on to win against Hudderfield and today’s football betting tips from seem to be suggesting a big win for Arsenal but the truth is, the Gunners have shown they can be unreliable especially away from home this season. But anything less than a good win at Hudderfield this weekend is surely going to end Arsenal’s bid for a top four finish.

Even first choice goalkeeper Bernd Leno agrees Arsenal must win at Hudderfield this weekend especially after the defeat to Manchester City at the Etihad the last time out; “…I think we are still in a good position to go to the top four. We still have big games and I think we need more away wins, because at home we play very good. We win many games at home, but I think to go into the top four again we need more away wins.”

With Manchester United looking rejuvenated under Ole Gunnar Solskjær and the arrival of Gonzalo Higuain looking to have sparked Chelsea back to live, Arsenal needs to start winning again and very fast if they want to finish among the top four.

Hudderfield have lost their last six home matches, Arsenal should be doing everything possible to make that seven. With Arsenal playing Tottenham away after this weekend’s clash Arsenal simply can’t afford to drop any points as anything can happen in the clash against Tottenham.

Should the Gunners beat Hudderfield as expected and go on to beat Tottenham, it will go a long way in bringing back the confidence in the team and that will be very useful especially at this stage in the season.